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If you want premium Baltic/Scandinavia bus rental services for affordable prices, you'll find that our company really delivers! At Netsest, we are proud to offer an array of bus rental services. Our fleet of buses are immaculate and they are maintained to perfection by licensed mechanics. Our safety record is excellent and we believe in offering caring and professional customer service to each and every client. When you choose us, you'll be making a smart, safe and cost-effective decision. To help you learn more about our services, we'd like to tell you exactly what we offer. One of our bus rental services is bound to be right for your needs.

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We provide bus charters, charter buses, tour bus rentals, transfers from airports to hotels and back and transfers to other cities. Our fleet includes comfortable and modern mini-buses which hold sixteen to nineteen people. Our company provides these services in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. When you choose us, we'll take you and your group anywhere in Scandinavia.

Who Hires Our Company?

We serve the needs of many different types of clients, from groups to corporations to rock bands to sports teams and beyond. We've transported students, provided cruise lines with transfers and transportation and helped event organizers to get the reliable transportation services that they need.

Why Choose Our Company?

We set the bar high and this means that we've built a strong and positive reputation in the industry. People know and respect our company. We cater to groups of all sizes, so no job is too big or small. Choose from luxury buses with all of the "bells and whistles" or go for something more basic and economical. Our fleet is large and varied enough to suit customers with a range of different budgets and needs. Don't take chances with bus rental services! You should always hire an established company which gets great reviews from real-life customers. When you place your trust in us today, we'll ensure that you receive prompt and professional service, with no hidden charges. We conduct our business affairs with integrity. It's all about getting groups from Point A to Point B safely, in total comfort.
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